Simple FTP Demo Application Using C#.NET 2.0

An addition to the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to 1.x is the support for FTP. Earlier, you had to rely on third party libraries that pretty well suited most of your needs, but for sure, there is an extra pleasure using the .NET framework library classes. The code included is not designed to be a full-fledged reusable library, but rather an easy to use and reusable piece of code that is easily comprehensible and can be reused and tweaked to fit your specific needs. Therefore, the code for each functionality (upload, download, delete, and so forth) can be easily picked up separately and reused. The main motive behind this article was the unavailability of .NET 2.0 FTP sample codes and their usage in C#, maybe because it's a new entrant to the .NET scenario, or the third party implementations available were working pretty well, that this area of the .NET 2.0 library hasn't gotten enough focus. [Khác]

Tìm hiểu ASP.NET MVC và sự khác biệt với ASP.NET WebForm

Thời gian gần đây, khi lập trình web trên ngôn ngữ ASP.NET, các bạn thường quan tâm ngay và luôn đến MVC. Bạn cũng có nghe về ASP.NET WebForm truyền thống, cả những điểm yếu và giới hạn của nó. Không lẽ ASP.NET WebForm đã chết, không hoàn toàn như vậy, Microsoft muốn mọi người hiểu rằng có hai nền tảng song song nhau, hỗ trợ cho nhau, và cả hai đều là đối tượng cho việc phát triển hiện tại. [Khác]

MIME Types – Complete List

Mime Type là cho phép ấn định định dạng mở file cho trình duyệt. VD bạn có upload lên 1 file đó đuôi là: .ttg và bạn muốn để trình duyệt khi truy cập file này thay vài download nó về thì mở trực tiếp trên trình duyệt xem như file text thì bạn điền [Khác]

60+ Best HTML Admin & Dashboard Templates 2017

The UI of a web application is extremely important to it’s success, a poor user experience can make using the product a chore whereas a great interface can speed up productivity, reduce customer support queries and increase customer retention. If you are the creator of a web app, SAAS, online software or just need an admin section for your website users, then investing a good admin dashboard theme can be a very wise investment. [Khác]

Categories and Subcategories

The fundamental structure of the adjacency model is a one-to-many relationship between a parent entry and its child entries. As with any one-to-many relationship, the child entries carry a foreign key to their parent. What makes the adjacency model different is that the parent and child entries are both stored in the same table. [Khác]

Enabling LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2017

One of the benefits that Visual Studio 2017 brings is a light weight installer. Instead of spending hours to download and install Visual Studio as was typical in the past, the Visual Studio team worked hard to componentize the installation process and limit the amount of components you need to install for typical development tasks. This makes the installer take minutes rather than hours as we were accustomed to in the past. The down side is that some features that you may have been used to out of the box now require separate manual installs. This includes two tools I use frequently including the Class Designer and LINQ to SQL tools. If you used these in the past and can’t find them now, fire up the Visual Studio Installer again and click the “Modify” button. [Khác]