Using Intel® Libraries in Arduino Create

This article is for our sponsors at CodeProject. These articles are intended to provide you with information on products and services that we consider useful and of value to developers. While there are many traditional Arduino* libraries that are useful for microcontrollers, there is a lot of functionality to be had with Linux* based targets to take advantage of the additional processing and OS capabilities. This article will show you what libraries are available inside of Arduino Create for Intel®-based platforms running Linux. [Khác]

jRead - An in-place JSON Element Reader

jRead is a simple in-place JSON element reader, it maintains the input JSON as unaltered text and allows queries to be made on it directly. Written in C, jRead is small, fast and does not allocate any memory - making it an ideal choice for embedded applications or those cases where all you want is to read a few values from a chunk of JSON without having to learn a large API and have your program generate lots of interlinked structures to represent the JSON. [Khác]

jWrite - A Really Simple JSON Writer in C

jWrite is a simple way of writing JSON to a char buffer in C, directly from native variables. It manages the output buffer so you don't overrun, it handles all the fiddly quotes, brackets and commas and reports where you have tried to create invalid JSON. There is now a C++ version with demo sketch for Arduino. You can, of course, write json to a string with sprintf()... but this is miles better. [Khác]

PiRex – remote controlled Raspberry Pi based robot

Last year I did publish the cam2web open source project, which is aimed for streaming cameras over HTTP as MJPEG streams. Although being developed to support number of platforms, the very original target was to stream camera from Raspbery Pi, so it could be watched remotely. That project by itself can be used for a number of things like home security, IoT devices, etc. However, originally it was started as the first step for another project - building a remote controlled robot. [Khác]